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The man has been keeping me down… 27 October 2009

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…and coincidentally, I am the man.

So you know what’s worse than being laid-off? Being laid-off and then running out of money. I had to give up all my fun junk that I used my paycheck for like co-location hosting, and GameFly. And to top it all off, I’ve misplaced the backup of my blog I took before pulling it down. Oh well. No better time to start anew.

You heard it here first: I’m back and I’m taking names. I’ve actually been wanting to start my blog back up again for awhile because it gave me a creative outlet that I could use. Twitter (which is fantastic, by the by; gofollowmenowkthxbai) only let’s you use so many characters in a post. If you’ve been reading before the downfall (old-blog-go-boom) you know that I’m a fairly long-winded person. At least in type anyway. (more…)