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The man has been keeping me down… 27 October 2009

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…and coincidentally, I am the man.

So you know what’s worse than being laid-off? Being laid-off and then running out of money. I had to give up all my fun junk that I used my paycheck for like co-location hosting, and GameFly. And to top it all off, I’ve misplaced the backup of my blog I took before pulling it down. Oh well. No better time to start anew.

You heard it here first: I’m back and I’m taking names. I’ve actually been wanting to start my blog back up again for awhile because it gave me a creative outlet that I could use. Twitter (which is fantastic, by the by; gofollowmenowkthxbai) only let’s you use so many characters in a post. If you’ve been reading before the downfall (old-blog-go-boom) you know that I’m a fairly long-winded person. At least in type anyway.

Mostly my boredom has been catching up to me without a job to go to every day. Time to look for new and creative ways to occupy my time since I can’t seem to get anyone to hire me. And discovered a few I have! </yoda>

I’ve been working with the ministry groups at Missouri Baptist University again this year. I help them out by providing sound engineering services to them for their practices and concerts. All three groups I work with are very very talented. In particular Shelter, an all-women quintet, is amazing. The sound that they have is truly remarkable. I’ll undoubtedly talk more about each of these groups as time goes by.

Another way I keep from going insane is by writing. Haven’t done much in quite awhile so that should explain a few things to you. My significant other has suggested that it would behoove me to flesh some of my ideas out a little bit and I definitely plan to do that in the coming days. I found this really neat text editor too that I plan to use. It’s called Q10 and it’s a full-screen text editor for Windows. There’s nothing I like more than a good user interface to make me feel productive. And Q10 certainly has a good UI.

Been messing around with Linux quite a bit more recently. I’ve written a somewhat-unfinished guide to using Ubuntu Server to create an LDAP authentication scheme to use with Windows and Linux. Should even be able to add support for OS X, but that has to wait until I have a working OS X test environment. At some point, I’ll refine it, finish it, and put it up here. I think it’s a good way for system admins to reduce cost by using free and open-source tools and to extend interoperability. Places where I could see this doing a lot of good are educational institutions that would use Windows on all their machines for standard use, OS X on Macs for design purposes, and Linux for development purposes. This system would tie them all together and provide a common authentication and user management framework.

Linux is poised to takeover the desktop role on lower-end hardware. I’ve also been playing around with ideas for how this could most easily be accomplished.

I might also succumb to the ultimate allure of nerdity and take pictures of all my tech and toys and gadgets and put them all online. After all, this is the internets. And the internets wouldn’t be the internets unless someone wasted valuable time in their life that they can never get back.

Well alright! I think that about covers it for right now. Hopefully the next entry will be a little shorter. Maybe have some more meat to it. Something useful mayhaps. Maybe not.



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